Having just completed the July Shutdown projects I want to reflect on execution. This year we had more employees than ever before and the work was more spread out not only in Ohio, but also in other parts of the United States. We knew it would be a tough shutdown and having just hired a new Vice President of Operations, new ideas and approaches would be utilized. These new approaches and ideas (change) make everyone quite uneasy. For we all know change is good only and if it works. It is the unknowns of change and the unknowns of the results that make everyone nervous.

The approach to administering change is critical and our staff of dedicated managers met those challenges head on. In the past during previous shutdown preparations, we felt we needed to postpone decisions until we knew as much information as possible about the overall work schedule. This left everyone scurrying at the last minute trying to fill the gaps of manpower, equipment, materials and tooling. This year we dealt with it differently. Our staff met several times a week starting in early June to "plan the work and work the plan." It became an educational session for our members. Each individual gained more insight at these meetings as to what our customers' challenges were and what they were becoming. Responsibilities were issued to each member in order to obtain any new information possible from their contacts to assist our customers during their most stressful time of the year. These responsibilities were then shared with additional staff until all staff knew what was taking shape. Whether it be our customer, vendors or PSC team members, it needed to be realized that we are all in this together and success would be achieved only when all goals and objectives of each are met or exceeded.

During this past month, we achieved just that! Our execution was amazing! First and most importantly, all of our projects performed were completed safely without any injuries or infractions. Secondly, all projects were completed to the satisfaction of our customers throughout the country. Third, our staff proved that with dedication and commitment to meeting the challenges of change head on "Success For All" is possible. I want to take this time to thank our customers who entrusted in PSC to perform an intense amount of work for them in just a 7-10 day period of time. I want to thank our vendors who came through for us, during the adjustments in schedules and manpower changes. I cannot thank our PSC Team of Professionals enough! Everyone came together recognized each others challenges and stepped up to help one another. After all, isn't that what "Company" is all about?

Thank you,

James R. Sever
President / CEO

Steam Turbine Rotors

PSC Crane & Rigging was recently contracted to receive three (3) Steam Turbine Rotors {each weighing 375,000 lbs.} and deliver to the First Energy Perry Nuclear Power Plant - FENOC facility. This project originated in Albany, NY, in which PSC supervised the loading and securement procedure for all three (3) Rotors in preparation of their voyage via barge shipment to the Fairport Harbor located in Painesville, Ohio. Once the Rotors set sail, it was time to put into action several months' worth of engineered planning.

We utilized our 165 Ton Crane to unload and set up all of our heavy lifting and transportation equipment. Once our 500 Ton Gantry System was set up on the deck of the barge, we began trans-loading the rotors {one at a time} from the barge deck onto our Self-Propelled Hydraulic Platform Goldhofer Trailer. The Goldhofer trailer was arranged in a "10x2 configuration" {10 lines / axles X 2 deck wide} and performed a roll-off-to-shore maneuverer. As the first two (2) rotors were brought onto shore, they were offloaded onto land for temporary staging at the Harbor. Once the 3rd Rotor was removed from the barge we were now ready to begin the 10 mile journey to the FENOC facility.

Due to the excessive gross weight of all three (3) Rotors, it was pre-determined to utilize our Self-Propelled Hydraulic Platform Goldhofer Trailer in the same "10x2 configuration" - equating to a total of 160 tires to meet The Ohio Department of Transportation allowable axle loading and permitting requirements. ODOT also required the use of four (4) Ohio State Highway Patrol escorts to assist us in transporting each of the three (3) Rotors to the FENOC facility. As each of the three (3) Rotors arrived at the plant, they were offloaded once again with our 500 Ton Gantry system and placed in a designated staging area in the parking lot outside of the FENOC compound. Due to strict security measures at the FENOC facility, our pre-planned on-site rigging / transportation plan ensured all (3) Steam Turbine Rotors would be moved from the parking lot staging area to their final destination inside the FENOC Turbine Bay in one (1) day.

This high profile project was finished according to plan and on schedule without injury or incident, resulting in a very satisfied end customer, with all parties involved. Another fine example of what PSC's team of professionals can accomplish when it comes to innovative thinking, planning, engineering and execution to overcome a series of marine, rigging, transportation and safety challenges associated with a project such as this. On behalf of PSC Crane & Rigging, I wish to thank all those involved for a project well done!

EMR Rating: .46
Earl Sever III – Chairman and Paul Newton – Director of Safety receive SC&RA’s Zero Accidents Award and Overall Safety Performance Award, a prestigious honor from Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association.

Heat Stress

With the excessive heat in the past few months OSHA is very concerned about heat stress and its effect on workers. They have published some tips for employees and employers to reduce the injury and illness risk. All employees can benefit from these simply steps.

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