Our family recently celebrated my Grandfather’s (Earl Sever Jr.’s) 93rd Birthday and it still amazes me how in tune he is with what is going on around him and within the business.  We got to talking a while back about challenges and hurdles the business has gone through over the years and how each time it made the company and the team members stronger. Growing up, he had many challenges to overcome.  His parents got divorced when he was 15 years old and his father moved north.   So, he turned to track and football at Fairmont High School for which the coaches at that time really became his father figures to look up.  They would invite him over for dinner throughout the week and after games.  They would talk about life and sports and how the challenges in both are so very similar.

The one thing that really stuck with me from this conversation was him explaining that no matter how good or bad the circumstances are; it is all relative.  The one constant is that the challenges are still there, just different.  You have to be willing to learn how to navigate through the different challenges.  Doing so makes you smarter and stronger for the next set of challenges to come.  The key is being open to learning new ways to navigate the challenges.

PSC’s 2014 mantra is “Know your job / Do your job.”  The whole premise behind it is that it is ok if you don’t understand how to accomplish your task or objective.  However, you must first be willing to admit it, talk to others that do have an understanding of it, and challenge yourself to become educated on the issue in order to overcome it.  At the same time, stay to task without meddling with others’ issues, unless they ask for assistance.  If called upon, don’t be judgmental or share negative chatter.  Become a cheerleader for the individual who has asked for assistance.  Remember, just that is a major hurdle to overcome for some team members.     

As 2014 unfolds, new challenges will present themselves.  Stay true to yourself and remind yourself that others may be going through similar challenges in their lives or work.  Remember that the challenges are presented for a reason.  It is how we deal with them that makes us who we are.  Maybe we all should challenge ourselves to go talk to someone a generation or two older than ourselves.  I believe tapping that wealth of knowledge would be a good place to start.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


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PSC Crane & Rigging recently completed a “Turn-Key” Tandem Press Line Installation at an automotive plant located in Alabama.  The project consisted of (4) large stamping presses, (8) moving bolsters, (4) automatic tool changers, end of line part handling robotic & conveyance system and complete sound enclosure system.  Overall there were twelve (12) super-loads and approximately one hundred (100) truckloads of related press / process equipment components, equating to  approximately four hundred (400) crates of equipment that had to be unloaded, uncrated and assembled.  The installation required the use of PSC’s specialty equipment, including the use of our 500 Ton J&R Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantry system and our “Self Propelled” 6Line Hydraulic Platform Goldhofer Trailer.  Many months of strategic project planning took place well in advance of the project commencing, allowing PSC to meet or exceed the various project schedule milestones associated with this installation.   Several thousand man-hours were both self-performed and sub-contracted, in which there were “Zero” OSHA recordable’s.   The overall end result was an “On-Time” delivery and project completion for the customer.  A big Thank You goes out to our project management staff, field personnel, subcontractors and all others involved in making this project another success story for PSC Crane & Rigging!

Randy Sever
Executive Vice President

EMR Rating: .53

PSC Crane & Rigging puts Safety as it's foundation.
We want you to arrive to work safe, to work safe and go home safe.
In doing this, PSC has met the targets for Safety.

Thank you to all team members for this achievement.

PSC Safety Slogan:
Believe for me, my family and my teammates.

Randy Sever
Derrick Fry
A.J. Bush 

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PSC Increases Goldhofer Fleet                  

PSC has recently purchased additional lines of THP / SL-E Series Goldhofer self-propelled hydraulic platform trailers.  In addition, PSC has also purchased additional power packs and various complimentary Goldhofer accessories, including a 300 Ton capacity - 30 meter long drop deck w/ 3 meter long extension insert.  This will allow for heavy onsite transports, which are both over size dimensionally and overweight.  

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