My favorite season of fall is now in full swing. In the fall, I always seem to be reminded of some of my greatest memories. Maybe it is because I met my wife in October, it’s the season of my favorite sport - football or maybe it’s just the nature of the season. At any rate, in the fall I always seem to take more time to reflect on how grateful I should be. For those of you that know me, I look at the negative side way too often. While it is challenging to remain positive 100% of the time, it should be very easy to remain grateful.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you how grateful we need to be. After the debacle in Washington, slow economic recovery and the unknown effects of nationalized healthcare, it is very easy to fall victim of negativity. However if you remain grateful, you can truly rise above all the negativity, spurring energy that allows you to weather the storm.   So, I encourage all of you to take a few minutes to reflect on the positives around you. Take time to breathe in the fall air, look broader at the woods filled with vibrant colors and regain that positive attitude required to achieve future success.

I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am with our PSC team members. There is truly something special developing amongst them. They have taken ownership of their responsibilities, openly sharing concerns and suggestions as well as accepting new challenges. A true company’s success is not measured in an hour, a day or a month. It is measured over time. At the foundation of our company are our Core Values: To serve all responsibly with Trust, Honesty, Dignity & Respect.

If we all follow and live by these four values daily, our ability to be successful as a company and as individuals is much greater if not guaranteed.   Sure there will be times when someone amongst us will fall short on one or more of these principles, but when that happens, you need to step up to support and ensure that that individual gets back on the right track. We all learn every day from mistakes made in the past. None of us are perfect or the same. As my father always said, “If we were all the same, the world would be a pretty boring place.” Be mindful that others may be experiencing personal matters outside of work that are affecting their behaviors at work. I challenge all our members to be there for one another as you never know when you may need their support to get through a troublesome period in your life. Take time to share the positives in their life that are glazed over in the haze of negativity and remain grateful for everything around you.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


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PSC Crane & Rigging was recently awarded a contract to perform an unusual project involving the relocation of a restroom structure in its entirety through an automotive manufacturing facility.  The structure weighed approximately 180,000 lbs. with overall dimensions of 14” wide x 60’ long x 26’ tall.  The project plan was originally to demolish the structure inside the building in its original location.  This posed many potential problems and extreme costs that would affect production.  The question was raised “could the structure be removed in 1 piece?” Although many said “it could not be accomplished,” including our competition, PSC challenged that opinion.  The two main challenges we would have to overcome were:

  1. Supporting the structure in a fashion so as to limit the amount of deflection so it didn’t fall apart during its journey through the factory.
  2. Physically maneuvering the structure out of the building, in which several 90 degree turns would have to be made.

After careful review and analysis by PSC’s team of engineers, it was determined it could in fact be accomplished with the use of some of PSC’s innovative technology.  Once we proved to our customer it could be accomplished, it was time to plan the work so we could safely and efficiently execute the removal of the restroom structure in a 12-hour window.   With the use of our 6Line Self Propelled Goldhofer Hydraulic Platform Trailer, we were able to drive in underneath the structure, properly support the steel beam infrastructure, and begin the long journey out of the building.  At times we merely had no more than 5/8” clearance between building columns and  a 1/2” clearance overhead.   The project finished approximately 4 hours ahead of schedule and the move was flawless, resulting in a more than satisfied customer. Thanks to all PSC crew and staff who were involved in making this project a huge success and once again proving the word “Can’t” is not an option when presented with a challenging, complex project.

Randy Sever
Executive Vice President

EMR Rating: .53

PSC Crane and Rigging has it's EMR rating for the current year of 0.53.
This is down from last year (0.59)

PSC Crane & Rigging puts Safety as it's foundation.
We want you to arrive to work safe, to work safe and go home safe.
In doing this, PSC has met the targets for Safety.
Thank you to all members for this achievement.

PSC Safety Slogan:
Believe for me, my family and my teammates.

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Randy Sever
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PSC Conducts Successful United Way Campaign

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the PSC United Way campaign.  The employees of PSC exceeded their goal and raised $3,474.  Add to that the PSC company donation of $1,000 and the amount raised for the Piqua Area United Way totaled $4,474! 

“I could not be more pleased with the generosity of our employees and their willingness to support such a worthwhile cause” commented Jim Sever, PSC President.

PSC Crane & Rigging was named a 2013 Pacesetter company for the United Way setting the pace for the general campaign that is currently underway.

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