Over the 4th of the July, my family took a tour of the USS Midway aircraft carrier. As we walked through the sleeping quarters, we were amazed with how small of an area these service men had to sleep, shower, etc., while at the same time being ready for battle at any time. Just realizing they had to endure these conditions and much worse for six months or even longer during the war shows how “committed” our service men and women are to this great country as well as to you and me. We never shall forget how many paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us and the generations to come to have Freedom. The next time you pass a service man or woman – Thank them for their service. Their “Commitment” to protect and serve this great nation is taken for granted way too often.

In preparation for PSC’s 80th Year Celebration, we’ve been scouring through old photos dating back to the 1930’s. Seeing what these individuals achieved back then without today’s common accommodations, equipment and technologies was paramount. What these previous generations faced and achieved during such adversity is not understood by most in the younger generations. They would travel for weeks away from their families enduring some of the worst working conditions and extremely unsafe work sites. At the end of every day, they were so proud of what they accomplished for themselves and the company they served. They became a family with one thing in common, their “Commitment” to the overall good of the company.

When Earl Sr. started the company he found “Committed” individuals that put everything they had into their work. They weren’t concerned about who got credit; they simply did their jobs to the best of their abilities. They understood that everyone on the jobsite had varying degrees of skillsets, yet they worked as one cohesive unit. At the same time Earl Jr. stayed true to his employees and “Committed” to their well-being. Earl Jr. passed those values down to his son as well as the following generations. Combined, this is probably the biggest reason why PSC has been able to span four generations and 80 Years.

We have an amazing workforce. We shall never underestimate what they can learn and achieve given the right opportunities and support for growth. An example is Theresa Mathews, a 25 year member of PSC’s team. She started in 1988, as my mother and father were desperately driving a reorganization of the company. Theresa was a God-sent. She immediately went to work doing everything she could to help the reorganization efforts. She never once has complained about her workload or any other member of the company. She simply does her job day in and day out to the best of her ability and when challenged asks questions to become as knowledgeable about the issue as possible. She is one of the most dependable, well natured, trustworthy persons I know. Thank you, Theresa for your “Commitment” to PSC for the past 25 years! You truly are an example of “Commitment” that all should look up to.

We should all ask ourselves “How “Committed” are we?”

Thank You,
James R. Sever
President / CEO



“ PSC recently completed a project that required movement of a 16’ OD 50’ L x 100,000 lb. ASME Code Vessel through a chemical plant to required location within the facility. At the last minute the customer discovered that the tank was larger than originally planned and would not be able to move through the plant, a major issue. PSC was contacted to, develop a solution, resolve the issue and move the unit into required position.


A PSC 6Line Goldhofer SPM was utilized to move the unit into the plant, negotiating tight turns & close vertical & horizontal clearances. On the only available route, two major pipe racks presented serious overhead clearance issues. The racks allowed only 2” clearance vs. the OD of the tank itself. In a “hot” area of the plant, during full operation, PSC crews unloaded the tank from the SPM and moved under each pipe rack with approximately 1” vertical clearance, reloaded on to SPM for the final delivery in a process area of the plant, utilizing PSC engineered procedures & equipment to accomplish the required tasks. Project was conducted under strict safety restrictions and was completed early, under budget & 100% safe & compliant. Client was extremely satisfied with the problem solving product & performance provided and immediately awarded several other projects to PSC at the plant. Congratulations to the PSC crew for a great job!”

Randy Sever
Executive Vice President

EMR Rating: .59

This past shutdown activity from the Safety side went very well.  Thank you!!!

In review of all the PSC activity we completed this shutdown with no accidents or injuries.

This was achieved by completing our PJHA’s and Toolbox talk, communication is the key.

As we move forward, please reference the PSC’s Vision:

We shall become the safest, more reliable experts performing equipment installations, relocations and industrial maintenance through innovative solutions to industry 

PSC’s Safety:
Believe for me, my family and my teammates 

Again, “Thank you” !!!

Tim Peterson
VP Operations

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PSC Crane celebrating 80 years in business!

PSC Crane & Rigging, established in 1933 by Earl F. Sever Sr., is celebrating 80 years in business with several events scheduled in August. The celebration kicks off on Wednesday, August 7th with an employee appreciation dinner.   A customer/vendor appreciation luncheon and open house is scheduled for noon on Thursday, August 8th   followed that evening with a Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours from 5 – 7 pm. We invite you to stop by anytime on Thursday to celebrate with us!


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