At our most recent Field Team Member Meeting, it was mentioned that in a band, if everyone played the same instrument – it sure would be pretty boring and it would get old very quickly. Playing relatively the same music day after day with the same instruments would not sell many MP3’s or I-tunes either.

This applies the same way in any business. Again, this reflects on the ideal that a “Company” is a group of individuals working towards the same common goals. Nowhere in the definition of “Company” do you find the words “with everyone having the same skills”. That’s the same for our team members that serve our customers daily. They all have individualized & specialized skills varying at different levels that which they have been able to learn over time. The true test is getting everyone with those various skills to work collectively for the overall good of the company and not just for their personal satisfaction.

PSC is relentless in the fact that we can never stop learning. There are always new and better ways to perform our already educated skills. We must continuously aspire to strive for perfection while learning from our mistakes. Embracing new ways of thinking, enabling newer technologies and providing support to one another when necessary is paramount.

As I mentioned in last quarter’s newsletter, PSC Crane & Rigging is now in its 80th year in business. There is no way conceivably possible that PSC would have made it this long if we were doing business as we did back in the 40’s, 50’s or even 90’s. I am very proud to say that PSC has been extremely progressive when it comes to safety, technology and owned equipment. We are in a constant state of evolution and reinventing ourselves for the next hurdles that may present themselves. Whether it be new government regulations imposed on us or our customers, faster speeds of communication devices and data processing or redesigned systems to obtain higher efficiencies, PSC is poised for meeting these challenges head on and turning them into opportunities for success not only for PSC’s benefit but for our customers and employees as well. Below is PSC Crane & Rigging’s Mission. It is a direct reflection as to our commitment to the future and the many obstacles, challenges and opportunities yet to be presented.

We are committed to providing world class precision skilled craftsmanship, superior rigging and industrial maintenance solutions to our customers.

We shall achieve this mission while never jeopardizing safety through:

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Execution
  • Reliability
  • Forward Thinking
  • Engineered Concepts
  • Continual Job Skills Training
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Outstanding Service
  • National & International Turnkey Solutions

Thank You,
James R. Sever
President / CEO



PSC Crane & Rigging is currently involved in the installation of a rotary car dumper at a cattle feed processing facility in the Texas panhandle, approximately 100 miles southwest of Amarillo, Texas. Rotary car dumpers are used to unload bulk materials from railroad cars quickly by rotating the entire car 160 degrees from the normal vertical position. The rotary car dumper holds the rail car to a section of track and rotates the track and car together to dump out the contents. The project involved the precise assembly of multiple components over the course of several weeks. The rotating portion of the railcar dumper, or the “barrel”, was assembled roughly 100 yards from its final resting position. Once assembled, PSC employed the use of a Manitowoc 999 to hoist the barrel and walk/crawl the 100 yards, with the load, before finally setting the barrel in its home position, within a concrete pit, onto four large equalizing trunnions. The assembled weight during the lifting operation was 165,000 lbs. After installing the barrel, PSC set in place a large section track with support frame called the “platen.”


The platen is placed within the barrel and weighs 96,000 lbs when fully assembled. Once both major components were placed in position, PSC performed the installation of various smaller components to complete the machine erection. Lastly, the rotary car dumper will be commissioned for service and should offer years of service to our customer.

EMR Rating: .59

"Safety Bucks" Program

To keep safety in the minds of all of our employees, PSC has established a safety incentive program. This highly successful program is called the “Safety Bucks” program. After being employed for 250 work hours, each employee is eligible to earn $25 for each 250 hours worked without injury, property damage, or customer complaint. Each time an employee earns this bonus; their name is entered in a year-end drawing for $1,000. It is possible to earn every incentive and have up to 10 chances for the $1,000. Congratulations to Doug Steck the winner of PSC’s 2012 yearly drawing of the safety bucks program of a $1,000.00.

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Randy Sever
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The Salvation Army
Miniature Golf Fundraising Event
Piqua Mall


PSC Members: Jim Sever, Murray Nickolai, Ryan Stammen,Adam DeBrosse, Kevin Mikolajewski, Dasch Underwood, LeighAnna Miller, Derrick Fry, Randy Sever, Tim Peterson (not pictured)
Salvation Army Team member: Lisa Whitaker


2nd Place Finishers: Derrick Fry and Adam DeBrosse

Thank you to all who represented PSC and supported This Event!!!

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