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What comes to mind when you hear these words? “If” “But” or “I Think” - Our Grandfather always told us never to use these words because they show weakness, doubt and indecision.  When you dive into what he was saying it truly applies in everyday life as well as in business. 

“If” associates with indecision / not a set direction.  When team members don’t have a set direction or specific expectations laid out for them, they become lost in the day to day shuffle and cannot become leaders.

“But” associates with excuses / non-accountability.  When team members shift blame or point fingers to someone else or another department out of fear, embarrassment or protection they create an environment lacking responsibility.

“I think” associates with assumptions / not facts.  In our line of work, assumptions can lead to tragic consequences.

I share these examples with our team routinely as well as when we hire new team members for several reasons – all leading to efficiency:

  • It creates a more personal connection with them.
  • It is something easy for them to remember.
  • It helps insure a culture of influence.
Throughout life I have caught myself numerous times using these words and most times the results are not pleasant.  When I correct myself, I notice responses from others becoming more professional, more engaging and more inclusive.  In turn, the more you remove these words the more positive you become, as well as those around you.  Our Grandfather always said, “What if Martin Luther King would have said 'I think' instead of 'I believe'.”  The result obviously would not have been as influencing.

Thank you,

James R. Sever


Feature Job

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Cleveland TBM

PSC Crane & Rigging recently received a heavy lift / heavy transport contract associated with the Dugway Storage Tunnel project in Northeastern Ohio, which would require PSC’s assistance in the set up and assembly of a 27’ diameter Tunnel Boring Machine. Our scope of work consisted of loading the over dimensional / overweight TBM components onto 20 lines of self-propelled hydraulic platform modular trailer and transporting approximately a half mile from the TBM equipment staging laydown yard to the installation shaft location. Once the components were transported to the installation shaft, PSC offloaded the TBM components from our SPMT’s with the use of our 700 Ton Hydraulic J&R Gantry System serving as a lift tower, in conjunction with an 800 metric ton Enerpac Strand-Jack system atop 80’ girder beams spanning a 50’ diameter x 200’ deep shaft. As the TBM components were lowered into position for assembly, PSC jacked & slid the TBM assembly components laterally into the starter tunnel approximately 300 feet utilizing our 1000 Ton Hydraulic Hydra-Slide “Up & Go” skidding system.

Project Highlights:

  • The installation shaft was 50 feet in diameter and had a depth of 200’ below the ground surface.
  • Main TBM Component weighed 450 metric ton
  • PSC was required to provide onsite loading & transport of 12 main components from staging laydown yard to installation shaft location and then lower 6 of the 12 main components into final position for assembly.
  • Total assembled weight of the TBM that had to be jacked & slid 300’ into the base of the starter tunnel was 609 metric ton

EMR Rating: .53

August Safety Memo

PSC Crane & Rigging recently hosted a three-day Safety Leadership event for its core team members. A special thanks to the team members who submitted pictures of their families. These pictures were put into a brief power point presentation that ran while we were getting set up and signed into the event. The families of PSC Crane & Rigging are the true reason we must work injury free each day. Working safely is our obligation to ourselves and our families. It is our Legacy.

Approximately 95 team members attended the three-day event. EHSS team members Toni Roberts and James Junkin were the key presenters. Ms. Roberts put on a detailed presentation of our new injury reporting protocol and Mr. Junkin covered Safety Leadership and the importance of working as a team. We also had Turning Technologies administer two surveys to help us focus on the improvements needed moving forward. The first survey was a Dysfunction Survey and the second was an Attitude Survey. We appreciate the open and honest answers we received. These surveys will give us clarity and focus as we work on our journey of continuous safety improvement.

We here at PSC Crane & Rigging are asking every employee to do their very best to work the remainder of 2017 injury and incident free. Our families are counting on us.

PSC Team Members – All Responsible For Safety!

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PSC Adds to Heavy Lift Arsenal

PSC Crane & Rigging has purchased and quickly put to use a new Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1 300T Crane.  This model is currently the strongest 5 Axle crane on the market.  PSC also purchased an extra 164’ of jib.  PSC continues to grow and invest in new state of the art equipment!

PSC lifts HVAC units on to rooftop
PSC lifts HVAC units on to rooftop

PSC lifting and setting a 117,000 lbs. M1 Abrams Tank
PSC lifting and setting a 117,000 lbs. M1 Abrams Tank

PSC lifting the 70,000 lbs. lid off of a digester at a local water treatment plant
PSC Lifting a 70,000 lb. Digester Lid at a local Waste Water Treatment Plant

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