March Madness is over and America’s Pastime begins. Just as the athletic seasons change, so do the seasons in business. Whether it be economic, regulations, new industries available to serve or sometimes clients that have completely chosen a new direction, a business must remain nimble for the inevitable changes (known and unknown) just around the corner. The biggest key to company nimbleness will be your team members’ commitment and willingness to change along with the business.  

Just as life has its twists and turns both positive and negative, businesses have similar situations needing addressed. All these situations or seasons should be looked upon as opportunities. It is one characteristic of a business truly being a living / breathing entity. I refer back to our Great Grandfather who in the midst of the Great Depression decided to start a business. Just think of the determination. He focused on demolition and scrapping out production facilities which fell victim to the terrible economy. It proves that in every situation how you look at the circumstances and respond will determine your future. There are two paths: taking on the feelings of a victim or realizing an opportunity has presented itself.

In the past, I tended to be more cautious and less willing to quickly change. Additionally, I would look at circumstances more negatively and fall into victim mode. However, becoming a victim to circumstances wastes tons of energy. Energy, if applied toward the thinking of an opportunity can quickly turn into something very positive.

At PSC several years ago, we experienced a huge reduction in sales due to our heavy focus on the automotive sector. As many team members recall, it was not a fun time for many businesses in our industry, however through the foresight of my brother (Randy), we decided to diversify more to serve other industries we felt growth could be generated from and provide stability over time as the various seasons of change affect different industries. Doing so has proven very beneficial to PSC as not only did we embark on new sectors to serve, it created opportunities for ourselves and team members to internally grow.

As we embark on our new strategic plan, not only are we asking our team members to look at all situations as opportunities, we are also asking them to hold us accountable to looking at negative circumstances with a more positive / opportunistic mindset. Not doing so only closes doors and limits us. Doing so, allows all of us to grow and succeed. Which would you want?

Thank you,

James R. Sever


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Press Installation

PSC recently completed the “Turn-Key” installation of a 3,500 Ton Stamping Press at an automotive manufacturer’s facility in Tennessee. The press crown fully assembled weighed in at 352 metric ton. This install was completed safely, on time and on budget. Both the customer and the OEM were very pleased with PSC’s performance. Congratulations to our installation crew and project management team for a well planned and executed project!

EMR Rating: .53

April Safety Memo

Through our Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs, we have made safety a vital part of our success. We recognize the changes necessary to manage safety going forward must be proactive, with aggressive behavioral trainings, properly written policy generation and 100% accountability throughout all levels of the organization. To achieve this, we have committed to partnering with outside experts to assist us in developing a new safety culture and best practices. We need and will only accept 100% commitment to support this initiative which will generate positive results for all of us. At PSC, we recognize only 100% incident free performance guarantees that everyone goes home safe every day. The safety of our team members is a core value of PSC. Priorities can change depending on the situation, core values do not.

PSC Team Members – All Responsible For Safety!

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PSC Continues to Invest in Innovation

Consistent with recent history, PSC has chosen to invest in top of the line equipment to ensure safe and efficient project completion.  The newest addition to the equipment fleet is a 1,000 Ton “Up and Go” Jack & Slide system.  This is yet another tool in the vast arsenal and will be utilized on multiple upcoming projects. 

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