Just before typing this letter, I looked out my office window to the west to see the sun setting. I got up and walked outside in the equipment yard. The orange rays of the sun casting out across our equipment made me reflect back. I began thinking about my Grand-father and Father having seen this very same site for years as they worked late into the evenings building a successful company that is now embarking on its 80th Year in Business. I thought of their commitment and sacrifices they had made along the way and how those sacrifices and commitments offered my brother (Randy) and I the fortunate opportunity to continue their legacy of this fine company. I smelled the leaves and thought of fall which I believe is the best season of the year. It just doesn't get any better than the great comfortable temperatures, the color and smell of the leaves changing and of course college football all day and night on Saturdays.

Speaking of Football, I love the game and more importantly all the requirements that go into a team becoming successful on the field. I love the organization of it, the preparation / conditioning, the relationships that are built amongst the players and the coaches, and the understanding of your role as a team member. You have your separate areas of specialization (Head Coach, Special Teams Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, etc.) which gets broken down all the way to the individual player on the field who is expected to execute the plan developed in the strategy for which the organization was created to accomplish. Each specific coach / department / player is no more important than any other. They all must understand that their purpose and role within the team is different yet vital to their overall success. Getting every-one believing in this is the first step in developing a winning culture.

That philosophy is no different in business today. It truly is a battlefield in the marketplace and it is crucial that every team member understands each others specific roles and more importantly respects and supports each others' roles. You can have the fastest running back in the world, but if he doesn't know how the lineman are going to block, how can he be expected to know which direction to hit the hole? I'm proud to say that PSC is in the midst of developing a culture of Professional Management aligned with accountability at every level of the organization. During the past quarter, we redesigned our organizational chart and redeveloped job descriptions for each position in the company. Each team member was involved in the creation of their job descriptions. Needless to say, I am extremely excited for the next step in which we educate all members as to how each role supports or feeds other roles in the organization and how their role relates directly back to our Vision, Mission and Values of PSC Crane & Rigging.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


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PSC was recently contracted to dismantle a rocket test stand at the NASA facility in Huntsville, Alabama. The test stand tested Apollo 5, 11, and 13. During the tests it withstood 7.5 million pounds of thrust and stood at 215’ high.

PSC Crane and Rigging proceeded to remove the structure in sections weighing in at anywhere from 60,000# to 120,000# including derrick cranes and elevator shafts. One fuel tank was removed that weighed 185,000# and 60‘ tall at a 145’ elevation and one that weighed 73,000# at an 85’ elevation. Both tanks were laid down and loaded onto NASA transporters and sent to storage for future use. Crane utilization required a 450 ton crawler crane and a 300 AT crane.

The job was a great success, with all parties involved very pleased with the performance of PSC. PSC wishes to personally thank everyone that was involved in the project. All of your safety, hard work, and efforts were very much appreciated and noticed by all!

EMR Rating: .46

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a leading factor in many vehicle accidents, with cell phone use and texting as two of the leading causes. Many states have put bans on texting while driving, 29 states allow hand held cell phone use. This use is particularly hard to enforce as violators frequently claim they are "dialing a phone number".

Studies have shown that: distractions affect driver's performance and drivers are distracted as much as 50% of the time. Distractions are contributing causes of up to 15-25 percent of crashes at all levels. Texting likely increases risk more than cell use (GHSA 2011 research) with more and more congestion on our highways, it is imperative that distractions are reduced dramatically to lower the accident rate.

The US Dept. of Transportation in its FMCSR has mandated that commercial truck drivers avoid hand held phones and bans texting. This is a good start.

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PSC President Jim Sever recognizes Ironworker Brad Moreland for his placement in the IW apprentice competition at the local and District level. Good job Brad!!!

Brad Moreland (IW), participated in the Ironworkers Apprentice competition this past month. In the local competition (Dayton, Ohio), Brad finished 3rd and qualified to advance to the District competition in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the District competition, Brad finished 3rd. Good job Brad!!!

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