With the recent passing of our Grandfather (Earl F. Sever Jr.), I felt compelled to share some of his amazing qualities that made him a great influence on us. There are so many to mention that you will see references to him in future newsletters.

Earl F. Sever Jr. was born into the Greatest Generation and he too experienced an awful lot at a very young age. Born in 1921, his parents divorced when he was in middle school and his father moved to Piqua from Dayton to start PSC. His mother raised him pretty much on her own as his father was immersed in building the business. Earl Jr. surprised the track and football coaches when he ran sprints and the hurdles. The Fairmont High School coaches took a mentoring interest in him and did everything they could to keep Earl Jr. out of trouble. They took turns occasionally having him over for dinner with their families year round. He lettered all four years of high school in both sports. He told me how important it was in his life to have those coaches take such an influencing interest in him. He was forever grateful for them.

Obviously, the depression was in full swing when he was only 12, which caused him to be very conservative and respect the value of money. He enjoyed nice things but only once he could truly afford them. Only after his mother remarried, he married his high school sweetheart (Thelma) who he said was best to manage the details of the home finances. I remember him telling me, “Your grandmother knows not to use a credit card unless the money is already in the bank to pay the credit card bill in full each month.”

One of his biggest regrets was he could not join the armed services due to a scar on his left eye since birth that virtually left him blind in that eye. Naturally, they would not accept him during the draft. He was devastated he could not go with his friends who were all going to fight in WWII. He lost so many friends in the war but he explained they did what they had to do to protect the country, our freedoms and save the world.

He taught us to laugh and have fun just as much as you are serious about your work. Being in his mid-20’s when the war ended he loved big band music. I can remember him playing his records in the basement at close to full volume. Grandma would yell down in between songs, “Earl, turn it down!” He would yell back up, “That’s the only way you can hear all the parts!” and then look at me and just start laughing – never turning down the volume and sometimes turning it up even louder.

What kept him with us for 95 years (yet the years seem too short) was his religious efforts to exercise. I remember just 2 years ago, I walked into his room late one Sunday night (I knew he would be laying in bed watching the Sunday night football game). He sat straight up as if he was doing a sit-up. He then proceeded to show me how he could do 12 more with ease. He then said, “I used to do 100 every morning when I was 50 and now I do 12 at 93. Not too bad, huh!?”

While we miss him dearly every day, his legacy, his morals and his values will never cease, which is a reminder to all of us that we should strive for the same influences on the generations to come.
Thank you,

James R. Sever


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PSC Crane & Rigging was recently awarded a project that required port handling, specialized rail transportation, drayage and rigging of a transformer from a Lake Michigan port to its destination at a substation within the City of Chicago, IL.  At 250,000 lbs, over 13’ high, combined with a substantial offset horizontal c/g, this posed multiple challenges, as the destination was 100% ringed with non-crossable bridges and low overpasses, thus making transport via truck not an available option. PSC utilized it’s custom railcar counterweight system, special trains on 3 railroads and a PSC Hydraulic Platform Trailer to get the unit moved safely from the PSC prepared and selected railhead to destination; PSC then placed the unit safely on the pad utilizing the 600 Ton hydraulic crane to accommodate required radius. Once again, another safe, “no damage, no issue”, “on schedule-on budget” project performed by PSC, utilizing innovative multi-modal “turn-key” solutions, to a satisfied customer group.

EMR Rating: .53

PSC’s Path to the Goal of Zero Injuries

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) established a goal of achieving and sustaining Zero workplace injuries. PSC is committed to providing a safe workplace for their workers, subcontractors and clients and PSC believes fully eliminating workplace injuries and incidents achievable.

As a premier rigging, erection and machinery installation company, PSC employs a highly skilled team of rigging, specialized transport and equipment installation experts to meet the demands and challenges of complex projects. Our clients require expert guidance in rigging solutions and also demand that we excel in safe execution of their projects.

To meet PSC’s staffing needs, PSC Management has implemented a series of programs designed to create a safety oriented culture. These include supervisor development, computer based learning, OSHA and MSHA compliance training, and performance evaluations. PSC Foremen and Project Managers are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

Behavior Based Safety training for supervisors begins this quarter and Advanced and Master Rigger certification courses are planned for later this year to increase the number of highly skilled tradesmen in the company.

Through these initiatives PSC is empowering their employees to create a proactive work environment where risks are controlled and hazards are mitigated to prevent injuries and incidents. PSC's efforts are paying off as PSC’s safety metrics continue to decrease.

At PSC the quality of our people is what makes us a great company. Together, we will continue to strive to meet our goal of zero injuries.

At PSC, Safety truly is #1!

Steve Pfister

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Power Gen Natural Gas Conference

PSC Crane & Rigging recently sent personnel to the Power Gen Natural Gas Conference (PGNG) in Columbus, OH this year. As PSC continues to grow its business in the Power Generation market, attending these conferences allows PSC to come in contact with numerous potential customers, as well as to visit current clients and continue to develop meaningful relationships. PGNG has now been added to the list of conferences PSC will attend or exhibit at on an annual basis. Please do not forget to visit PSC at the Breakbulk Americas Conference September 27-29, booth 600.

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