It seems like every year as I’m preparing our home for spring, I have to go out and purchase a new garden hose. Either the threads are stripped or there’s been a kink in it now causing it to leak, etc. Now they have hoses that supposedly won’t kink, have brass fittings and shrink to carry easily around your home. But, I have found none of them are any better. In fact they typically don’t even make it through the entire summer.

Recently, I was over at my parents and I noticed my dad still has the same garden hose he had while my brother and I were growing up. He’s had it for over 35 years! Why? He would say, “Because they made tools to last back then. Now it’s all about how cheap the manufacturers can get a product made to meet the demands of the big box stores. We’ve become a throw away society.”

Even if you seek paying more you still may not receive a durable long lasting product in the end due to how it is made and the materials being used today. I feel our throw away society has applied similar thought to services all of us have come to expect. Unfortunately, the results are negative and in the end, I’m not sure it’s progress.

In my mind, you need to be willing to pay more for something you want to rely on for a long time. Going the cheaper route is not always best practice. Weighing out more than just price is extremely important when it comes to service. Service is provided by people for people. It is not just a tangible product that you can see, touch, taste or smell. Service starts with an introduction, develops into a relationship and should never end. As PSC embarks on our next strategic plan, we are focusing on the behaviors that need instilled, educated or developed for all of us to be successful in providing exceptional service both internally and externally.

Focusing our attention on becoming superior service providers will take time and additional resources. Investing in our team is key. Providing opportunities for them to grow not only in their areas of specialization, but gaining a better understanding of how behaviors, personalities and relationships all intertwine is extremely important to their and PSC’s future success. We are taking the necessary steps to becoming a learning organization. Doing so will prevent PSC from becoming the throw away garden hose.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


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Satisfied Customer

PSC Crane & Rigging’s Columbus branch was recently contracted by a local mechanical contractor to receive, store, deliver and set into place over (21) pieces of mechanical equipment ranging from 15,000 lbs. to 22,000 lbs.  PSC utilized our 165 ton crane, multiple tractor trailer loads, and certified riggers/signal people to fly the equipment on to the roof, and set into its final location. Another safe, “no damage, no issue” on schedule project by PSC to a satisfied customer.

EMR Rating: .53

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Workforce Development is PSC’s Path to Safety Excellence

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) recently conducted its annual “All Hands” meeting. Over the course of two days we spent approx. 4 hours with every team member. We have found, when conducting these meetings effectively they are a great resource to gain better understanding for everyone. At PSC the quality of our people is what makes us a great company. Behavior Based Safety training was heavily discussed and will continue to be top of mind in 2016.

We are fortunate at PSC to have a highly skilled team of rigging and equipment installation experts. But PSC must continue to develop skilled employees to meet the demands and challenges presented by growth and project complexity.

PSC’s safety training program uses a mixture of computer based learning, class room training and performance evaluations to ensure that all core personnel are OSHA and MSHA trained and are qualified for power station and substation entry. PSC Foremen and Project Managers are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. 

Together we will continue to strive to meet our goal of zero injuries.

Steve Pfister
Director of Safety and Health

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Electric Power Conference

PSC sent personnel to the Electric Power Conference (EPC) this year.  As PSC continues to grow its business in the Power Generation market, attending these conferences allows for more potential customers to be introduced to services PSC has to offer.  EPC is the first of many conferences PSC will send personnel to or exhibit at.

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