As kids growing up my brother (Randy) and I were exposed to a lot of experiences that shaped who we became as adults. Looking back at some of those experiences, one of the most educational and most fun experiences was visiting Randy’s God Parents’ farm. There we were able to see first hand the dedication and physical work required by everyone in the family to grow corn and beans while also raising hogs.

It never mattered what day it was, everyone (including their two boys) was up at 5:00am, if not earlier to feed the hogs and clean their stalls. At the same time, they had to maintain their farm equipment, learning at very young ages how things worked mechanically and how to repair fences and the barn. When they returned from school they changed back into work clothes and went right out to carry out their daily chores.

To top it off, their success or profits were dependent on several items outside their control - agricultural prices and the weather (two of the most unpredictable indicators). Yet, they stuck with it all the way through the boys graduating from college.

While there was all this work to be completed, the property lent to some of the most fun activities as well. Playing cops and robbers in the hay loft, building damns in the creek and ditch’em in the woods to name a few.

This environment created a work ethic and sense of pride unmatched by most other environments for raising children. However, I see this same sense of pride and workmanship in most of PSC’s team members. They ultimately care greatly about what is expected of them and what they’re accomplishing. They truly want to do their best. Sure mistakes are made, some more serious than others, but in the end that is part of the educational process of becoming a Learning Organization.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


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Roll On, Roll Off

PSC Crane & Rigging’s “Special Projects Division” received a new 725,000 lb. transformer at a barge slip within the confines of a nuclear power generation facility.  With the use of our hydraulic platform trailer, we safely performed the roll of operation and onsite transport to its final resting location.  The transformer was then jacked and slid from the hydraulic platform trailer to a concrete housekeeping pad.”

EMR Rating: .53

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Recent CPR/First-Aid Training of PSC Team Members

PSC Drives Workforce Development to Achieve Safety Goals

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) continues to see excellent growth in sales. This has created the opportunity for PSC to provide job growth potential for current PSC employees. PSC has a highly skilled team of rigging and equipment installation experts that in conjunction with PSC’s Operations and Safety Teams have been able to plan and execute some very complex projects safely.

To meet PSC’s future staffing needs, PSC Management is creating a foreman development program, to ensure that our project foremen have the necessary skills to safely meet our growing customer needs.

PSC’s safety training program uses a mixture of computer based learning, class room training and performance evaluation to ensure that all core personnel are OSHA and MSHA trained and are qualified for power station and substation entry. PSC Foremen and Project Managers are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. Training programs focused on advanced rigging skills and Behavior Based Observation are in development for this year. At PSC the quality of our people is what makes us a great company. Together we will continue to strive to meet our goal of zero injuries.

At PSC Safety truly is #1

Steve Pfister

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Art Short Certification

PSC puts an emphasis on continual job skill training.  That being said, one of the Estimator/Project Managers from the Plain City, OH branch just completed a Project Management course through the Builders Exchange.  We want to thank Art Short for his effort and success in receiving this certification.  Continually educating our employees offers a better level of knowledge and service to our customers.

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