While running one morning around 5:30 am, I noticed my shadow casting down from the street lights as I passed by each one. My shadow would slowly disappear as I ran farther and farther from the light post, only to fully reappear again as I neared another. Over and over again this happened until it made me think of the shadow as representing one’s life and over time, the effectiveness of one’s life. If you keep your head up, you will see your shadow regenerate, giving you hope, focus and the energy to keep striving, keep driving and keep learning. If you allow your head to look down just in front of your feet, you will never recognize the power of the shadow.

This reminded me of a story my mother’s father used to tell Randy and me when we were quite young. He noticed one day as he was walking home that he had a shadow, but the stick he was carrying did not. When he got home, he asked his mother why there was a shadow of him but not of the stick. Without hesitation she explained, “the stick is your guardian angel! If you stay true to yourself, your guardian angel will always be with you.” Once again, the power of the shadow!

Too often, it seems easier to stay focused on the negative and remain a victim of circumstances rather than turning that negative energy into positive results. Whether in business or in personal life our perspective and mindset determines how we listen and observe, react and lead, recognize and support those around us. We can either look at everything as a negative, or view it as an opportunity to become better. The question therefore becomes, which side would you rather be on?

We all have moments when we fall into the victim mode; however, recognizing when you are there must be the first step to getting out of it. You cannot see yourself falling into the victim mode if you don’t keep your eyes looking forward and be willing to listen to those around you. Those messages can become the light that regenerates your shadow, giving you the hope, focus and energy to keep going. The same is true when we look forward to new solutions, new ways of completing tasks and seeing potential opportunities that stretch your current abilities. As 2015 ends and we embark on new endeavors in 2016, keep in mind the power of the shadow.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


portal stack reclaimer

PSC Crane & Rigging recently completed the turnkey installation of a large machine used in the bulk material handling of aggregates.  The machine pictured above is a Portal Stacker Reclaimer.  The portal allows the aggregate material to be “stacked” in a large pile for storage and “reclaimed” from storage when needed.  PSC was contracted to perform the structural, mechanical, and electrical installation for the project.  The project allowed PSC to showcase many of our various services and skill sets from steel erection, certified welding, machine assembly, millwright services, precision alignment, piping, and electrical services.  When in operation, the machine is approximately 190’ feet wide and 85’ tall weighing nearly 650,000 lbs.  The machine will service an area just over the size of two football fields.  PSC will return in the spring of 2016 to assist with the commissioning of the machine for production.

EMR Rating: .53

PSC tackles safety challenges head-on

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) continues to grow in both revenue and its ability to tackle larger and more complex projects. From moving 400,000+ lb. transformers into nuclear power plants and substations to moving 270 ft. long process vessels weighing 500,000 pounds from the Port of Houston, by barge and specialized transport, to Southeastern Ohio. PSC excels in tackling these complex projects safely. PSC has assembled a highly skilled team of rigging experts that in conjunction with PSC’s Operations and Safety Teams have been able to plan and execute these complicated projects safely.

PSC continues to put a concerted effort into safety training for their core personnel to prepare them for these new challenges. PSC’s safety training program, using a mixture of computer based learning, class room training and performance evaluation is ongoing to ensure that all core personnel are OSHA 30 hour and MSHA trained and are qualified for power station and substation entry. PSC is nearly complete with its goal of having all Foremen, and Project Managers certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. PSC will continue to push its workforce toward safety excellence.

It’s not only the right thing to do for our worker’s and customers safety it also make good business sense.

At PSC Safety truly is #1

Steve Pfister

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PSC Gives Back

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the PSC United Way campaign. The employees of PSC exceeded their goal and raised $3,024.00. Add to that the PSC company donation of $1,000 and the amount raised for the Piqua Area United Way totaled $4,024! This was yet another record breaking year!

In addition, PSC will supply Christmas dinner for the Family Abuse Shelter. PSC will also have employees ring bells for the Salvation Army! Happy Holidays!

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