Recently I recalled a time that I can look back on with a great sense of accomplishment. It's appropriate timing wise as it was in the fall of 2000. Our family was attending a benefit dinner for a local non-profit, that at the time, was providing physical rehabilitation to our Grandmother who had experienced a stroke. It was a great event and late in the evening around 11:30, we received a call that the main overhead door at PSC had broken and was not able to be closed. With all our forklifts, rigging tools and customer’s equipment stored inside a building located in a very remote area, something had to be done.

Randy and I immediately left the event to determine what if anything could be done as it was a Saturday night and we could not get in touch with anyone to fix it that night. We decided to just stay the night there at the office, which at that time, was a doublewide temporary job trailer. We debated what we should do to pass the time until the morning. We decided to work on our new company brochure. We had to draft the language we wanted in the brochure to effectively describe PSC to our customers.

That night turned into an evening that I will never forget. Randy and I worked the entire night coming up with the exact wording we wanted to represent PSC to our existing and future clients. I can remember us both pacing back and forth at around 3:30am hung up on the specific word we wanted to use in a sentence pertaining to Industrial Plant Maintenance. We probably walked back and forth in that small trailer 100 times that night. It kept us awake for one, but it also kept our minds focused on what we were trying to accomplish. By the time the sun rose around 7:00am we had the entire brochure language written out for our six major types of services we provide, as well as, an introductory history of our company.

When we walked out of the trailer we weren’t even tired, we felt energized because of what we had accomplished. We took a negative and turned it into an opportunity. We could have just sat there all night complaining about missing out on the party and having to stay awake all night, but instead we took the time to make it a positive. Too many times we can fall into that negative state where everything seems to be against us. Instead of wasting energy just thinking about the negatives, we are better off to turn the energy towards the opportunity to find a solution to the problem that is causing us to have the negative thoughts to begin with.

Every business today has challenges, however if we look at each challenge as an opportunity to become better we can focus the positive energies in that direction. Our father reminds us at almost every meeting by saying “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!” Keeping that in perspective while navigating through challenges is very important, in fact if you don’t you will drown in the sea of negativity.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


process tank feature

PSC Crane & Rigging was recently awarded a project that required transportation and rigging of a process tank from an Ohio port to Lima, OH. At a weight of 400,000 Lbs, 175’ Long, 18’ Wide and 20’ High, this was one of the largest moves that has been performed over these routes in Ohio. In order to reduce the transport height, PSC performed a re-orientation process at the port, then again at the destination plant including on site transfers, to make the move viable. Another safe, “no damage, no issue” on schedule project by PSC to a satisfied customer group.

EMR Rating: .53

Sustaining Safety in an ever changing Environment

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) has undergone substantial growth over the last several years. Not only in sales volume, but also in the type of work being performed by PSC workers. PSC has seen growth in specialized transport projects and is doing considerably more work in electrical sub-stations. These projects provided the opportunity for PSC to increase the safety knowledge of its workforce to ensure PSC’s Goal of Zero injuries.

PSC’s Project Managers and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team have been working diligently to ensure that the training and safety equipment necessary to keep PSC’s workers safe for these challenging projects is available. Recently PSC upgraded training for 50 members of its workforce to meet the challenges and new regulatory requirements for working in electrical substations.

PSC’s safety training program, using a mixture of computer based learning, class room training and performance evaluation is ongoing to ensure that all core personnel are OSHA 30 hour and MSHA trained. Training to increase the number of Advanced Riggers in PSC employ is in the planning stages.

PSC has not had an injury requiring medical treatment this year and with the increased focus on transparency and reporting this is a statistic to be proud of. PSC will continue to train and push its workers toward safety excellence. It’s not only the right thing to do for our worker’s safety it also makes good business sense.

At PSC Safety truly is #1

Steve Pfister

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foster training

PSC Estimator/Project Manager Jamie Foster recently completed the Superintendent Career Training Program (SCT).

The SCT is an 18 month program that integrates both the technical aspects of construction job site management as well as the personal and career development needs of the individual trainee.  The SCT achieves this through utilizing a unique combination of classroom instruction, company-sponsored mentoring and on-the-job training.  PSC values continual job skills training and wants to recognize Jamie for his efforts and success in continuing to further his knowledge and advance as a professional within the industry.

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