Randy (my brother & business partner) and I always get asked how we have been able to work together in the family business for close to 20 years. Well, the more I thought about that question I realized it is because of the foundation or bond that we created as kids growing up.

Yes, most people who know us well understand we are quite different. I’m a bit more easygoing while he’s a bit more head strong. I’m more cautious and calculating while he is more willing to take risks. I’m not as comfortable at public speaking while Randy handles that with ease and confidence. All of which we have proven by taking DISC tests. So, now that we know we are different we can now understand better how we need to communicate with each other for success.

While we have these huge personality/behavioral differences we have many things in common which created an unbreakable foundation:

First, we have the values instilled in us by our father and his legacy. They are trust, honesty, dignity and respect. When we decided to draft our values for the business, the three of us spent two days determining what words defined how we want to conduct business. We decided our father carried these values forward from his father, so they truly should be the roots that ground our business decisions going forward.

Second, our grandparents who lived in Dayton would have us down in the summer and we would help with all kinds of projects such as: building a retaining wall out of cinder blocks, putting in a new drainage system for down spouts, painting their entire basement, not to mention all kinds of wood working projects. We were doing these projects between the ages of 6 - 13. So we quickly understood the value, not only of hard work, but more importantly working together.

Third, is the bond of brotherhood. I looked up to him and his friends quite a bit while growing up and ended up liking a lot of the same kinds of things they did - such as music. I clearly remember the first time I heard Guns and Roses “Welcome to the Jungle.” Randy took me and a friend with him and two of his close friends to see Kiss in concert. I was 14 and remember the whole evening like it was yesterday. After the concert, we all jumped into Randy’s Firebird and his friend Brad put in a copied tape of “Welcome to the Jungle.” That song blew us away.

At the end of the day we know we are brothers first, business partners second and we need to embrace and support each other’s strengths and weaknesses daily to be successful and create an environment for success at PSC Crane & Rigging. Our goal is that our team completely understands this, embraces those values as well and represents them to our customers, vendors and suppliers.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO



PSC Crane & Rigging Crane Rental Division was recently contracted by a highway contractor to hoist and set new bridge beams, weighing upwards of 50,000 lbs, into place. This project is in association with the I-270 & State Rt. 23 interchange enhancements currently underway in Northern Columbus, Ohio. Due to lane restrictions and temporary highway closures being required, all lifts were made during the evening hours.

EMR Rating: .53

Sustaining a Competent Workforce in a growing company

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) and its employees work hard to sustain a safe work environment. PSC’s continued growth, on a national scale, in the Special Projects market has created the opportunity for PSC to upgrade and improve how safety training and other communications are delivered to the workforce in the field. Through computer based learning and tailored training plans PSC is meeting this challenge head-on.

The challenge for PSC’s Safety Department is to ensure that the training programs keep up with the demand for qualified and competent personnel.

As described in an earlier edition of this E-newsletter, PSC has developed customized training plans, risk assessment and audit protocols for all of PSC’s service groups. Focused safety and skills training is underway.

Initial data trends show that the emphasis being placed on safety by senior management is resulting in fewer incidents in the field.

PSC will also be implementing programs to better identify and eliminate workplace hazards and will be providing behavior based safety training for foremen and project managers over the next few months.

These programs are designed to ensure that PSC can cost effectively maintain world class safety for its workers, while meeting the needs of our clients. The new projects are exciting and PSC is meeting the challenge.

Steve Pfister

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PSC Team Member Honored & Increase in Conference Exhibitions

PSC Foreman and Ironworker Local 290 member Tim Mays, (Pictured above, Center) was recognized as Foreman of the Year. Tim brings a diverse skill set to PSC along with a strong work ethic, great leadership and a positive attitude. PSC is grateful to have Tim as a part of the team, and want to say congratulations on receiving this honor. This recognition was given by Miami Valley Foreman’s Club, and is awarded annually.

PSC Crane & Rigging exhibited at the PMTS (Precision Manufacturing Technology Show) in Columbus, OH and had a great turn out! During the same week, PSC representatives attended the Electric Power Conference in Chicago, IL. Being at both conferences simultaneously, allowed PSC to meet potential customers and vendors within different industries. PSC will next attend and exhibit at the annual RICA (Railway Industrial Clearance Association) Conference, in Orlando, FL.

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