Just having celebrated Veterans’ Day and now racing towards Thanksgiving and the Christmas season it should be very easy to be mindful of gratefulness. However, most of us become trapped in the day to day happenings of work, family and all the other commitments we agreed to take on. For that reason, it is extremely important to remember how fortunate we are. I remind my boys to never forget the following: How fortunate they are to have been born and now live in the Unites States, being raised in a great Mid-west state - Ohio, in a town that they can someday make a profound difference for the betterment of others. Although they may not understand the importance of it today, I keep repeating it to them in hopes it will eventually sink in.

PSC has been fortunate to grow immensely over the past few years and I don’t mean just the top line. In addition to the top line, I am referring to the way we conduct business as a team today versus years past. Accountability of all for the benefit of all is crucial to our success. Creating a culture of excellence doesn’t happen overnight. There are set backs, celebrations and times when members just need to be heard. With this growth, we continue to experience change at PSC which will continue as we strive for excellence in every aspect of our performance whether internal or external.

These changes create doubts which, generally turn into stress. Staying focused on the end goal of a specific project or task will help deflate the stress allowing for thoughtful, creative and team oriented decisions. As challenges present themselves it should not be perceived that someone seeking guidance is weak. Quite to the contrary, at PSC we embrace that behavior. For someone wanting to learn more and become educated as to why and how is much more valuable than a member who doesn’t want to make a positive difference throughout the company for the future benefit of other members.

I am very proud to report that the results of our Customer Surveys are at an all time high. In fact, every survey indicates that the customer would be willing to refer PSC to other potential clients. That means more growth! As we take on the challenges of a broader radius and scope of projects from our customers, we have agreed to take on the challenge of developing a formal training program for our members. This training program isn’t going to be limited to just best safety practices or specific task orientation. It’s going to envelop meaningful behavioral development as well as life choices. In turn, creating a team that can meet the many challenges of our customers as they too grow and evolve.

Similar to the constant reminders to my boys, we expect our team members to constantly remind each other how fortunate we all are to have the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. Together we can achieve excellence!

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


magnet project

PSC Crane & Rigging recently was awarded a contract to transport, load and secure a 197,000 lbs. magnet. PSC utilized a 6-Line Goldhofer SPMT to transport the magnet from the manufacturing plant to the designated rail siding. Once the magnet reached the rail siding, it was ready to be transferred to the rail car. To do this, PSC made a tandem Crane pick to lift the magnet from the Goldhofer trailer to the rail car. PSC operated both a 110 ton and 165 ton crane, in unison, to get the magnet safely loaded on to the railcar. PSC then secured the magnet to the railcar, and sent it on its journey to Houston, Texas. This project is yet another example of how PSC is able to handle wide-ranging projects from start to finish, and utilizing their wide array of specialized equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely!

EMR Rating: .53

Training is key to maintaining a competent workforce

PSC Crane and Rigging (PSC) and its employees work hard to sustain a safe work environment. PSC Special Projects Group is growing and has taken on some exciting projects. Many of these projects could be high risk if not engineered and executed properly. PSC has developed a team of professionals that have the knowledge and skills to perform these jobs safely.

The challenge for PSC’s safety department is to ensure that the safety training program keeps up with the demand for Qualified and Competent personnel.

To that end PSC safety is preparing customized development programs to ensure that Qualified and Competent personnel are available to manage these special projects. This will help ensure the safety of PSC’s employees and that our customers get a quality project.

Steve Pfister

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PSC Conducts Successful United Way Campaign

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the PSC United Way campaign. The employees of PSC exceeded their goal and raised $4,024.00. Add to that the PSC company donation of $1,000 and the amount raised for the Piqua Area United Way totaled $5,024! This was a 12% increase from our record breaking year in 2013!

PSC Crane & Rigging was named a 2014 Pacesetter company for the United Way setting the pace for the general campaign that is currently underway. PSC has been able to meet or exceed their donation goal every year they have participated in the campaign, and will look to set a new company record again in the 2015 campaign!

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