My Uncle was an example of the true American dream. Directly after graduating from High School he began driving a tractor trailer back and forth from Piqua, Ohio to Frankfort, Indiana everyday. He worked extremely hard to educate himself on every aspect of the business and when he retired he had been President of that company for several years. I remember speaking to him several times while growing up about books he had read and how he become self taught on specific business subjects he felt compelled to dive into.

At my college graduation party, when I told him that I was going to go into the family business and shared with him my passion for doing so, I remember something very specific he told me. He said, “In one day’s time you will experience the highest of all highs and the lowest of all lows as you strive to do what is best for your business.” At the time, I really didn’t think much about it and went on enjoying the moment.

Now, in my current role of the organization, the statement he made to me that day couldn’t be more profound. In fact, it truly is a rollercoaster of emotions throughout every day. That great feeling of landing a job with a new customer or seeing an employee that had been struggling share a profound new way to create efficiencies throughout the company to realizing that a capital purchase decision made three years prior didn’t pan out at all the way we thought it would. The ability to keep those emotions in check and stay the course can be challenging, however with great team members to lean on as they lean on you can be extremely gratifying.

At the end of the day, any good employee will want to accomplish what is best for the business, not what is best for themselves. That is the commitment you want to inspire in your team. How you accomplish that will be very difficult, however doing so will create an amazing organization built with amazing people.

Prior to his premature passing after a battle with cancer, we would continue to have sporadic conversations about work, life and family. He acquired a wealth of knowledge and was willing to share it. I just hope that someday I will amass that level of knowledge and the ability to share it with others willing to listen and compelled to do what is best for their team and not just themselves. For in the end, what is best for the team will actually turn into greatness for the individuals as well.

Thank you,
James R. Sever
President / CEO


"Handling of 500,000 lb. Transformers Made Easy with use of PSC’s In-House Engineered & Designed Jack & Slide System"

PSC Crane & Rigging was awarded a contract to receive and final set to pad a pair of 500,000 lb. Transformers at two (2) separate substations in northeast Ohio.

jobA 82014a

Trans-loading transformer from railcar to self-propelled hydraulic platform trailer via jack & slide method

jobB 82014a

Transporting 500,000 lb. transformer on self-propelled hydraulic platform trailer through substation

jobC 82014a

Direct transfer of 2nd transformer from rail car to pad via jack & slide method 

Randy Sever
Executive Vice President
PSC Crane & Rigging

EMR Rating: .53

Safety as a Performance Indicator

At PSC employee safety is our #1 focus. As the Safety Director, my main goal is to eliminate injury incidents and accidents while maintaining worker efficiency. As we refine the safety strategy at PSC we must consider several factors. Safety information falls into one of two categories Lagging indicators or Leading indicators. Lagging Indicators consist of reviewing injury and accident data and near miss incidents, studying the cause of these incidents in an effort to prevent a reoccurrence. This method is reactive, as measures are implemented after an incident has occurred. Leading Indicators consist of reviewing safety related data with the goal of implementing safety measures to prevent incidents and accidents from occurring. Leading indicators are proactive and are the preferred method for monitoring safety performance.

Training is important in eliminating injuries and accidents and is a good Leading Indicator in predicting overall safety performance. Research shows that companies that provide quality safety training will have fewer accident and injury incidents. Workers at these companies have better moral and are 5% - 10% more productive than workers at companies that do not provide proper training.

At PSC, safety performance for 2014 is below the level desired. When safety training records are reviewed as a leading indicator we find that many of our associates are not current with all of the training requirements. It is likely that this is a contributing factor in some of the incidents that have occurred this year.

Over the next several months PSC will be working with our associates to ensure they receive the appropriate training. PSC works with the Unions to provide safety training for many of our associates. In an effort to improve safety training performance PSC will be working with the unions to improve training levels and PSC will be providing additional safety training locally to enhance the safety knowledge of our workers.

A properly trained workforce will have a better safety record and will be more productive at their jobs. That is a Win-Win scenario for everyone.

Steve Pfister

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New Marketing Tool

PSC Crane & Rigging has added a trade show booth to its marketing repertoire.  The booth made its debut at the Railway Industrial Clearance Association’s (RICA) Annual Conference in June.  The debut was a huge success, as the booth stood out from the many others that were there, and helped generate potential new business for PSC by attracting many current and new customers.  The next stop for the booth will be the Break Bulk Americas Conference in Houston, TX in late September.

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